And the Song Am I

SATB chorus, brass quintet

This short choral & brass fanfare, written for Choirs of Note™, was commissioned to provide musical "bookends" to a large choral festival. As a concert opener, you take the first ending, which is nice but leaves you wanting more. Then, to close the same concert, you can perform it again! In that case, you take the second ending, which is big and full and brassy, and a big rousing conclusion to your concert:

"...And the song is joy,
And the song is hope,
And the song is peace,
And the song is life -
And the song am I!"


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Catalog Number: 
AB-056-01 (piano-vocal)
Catalog Number: 
AB-056-11 (brass parts)
Commissioned By: 
Choirs of Note™ in recognition of the dedication and art of Minnesota's youth and music educators
Premiere Date: 
Premiere Ensemble: 
Choirs of Note™ festival chorus
Premiere Conductor: 
Dale Warland

Choirs of Note (Dale Warland, cond.), Marshall, Minnesota, USA
Kentucky All-State Collegiate Choirs (Hilary Apfelstadt, cond.), Kentucky, USA

Text Author or Source: 
Lily A. Long (edited and adapted by the composer)

Cold may lie the day,
And bare of grace;
At night I slip away
To the singing place.
Where faint and far away
I hear the beat
In broken rhythm and rhyme
Of joyous feet...

The thunderous music peals
Around, o'erhead -
The dead would awake to hear
If there were dead;
But the life of the throbbing Sun
Is in the song,
And we weave the world anew,
With the singing throng!

And the pulsing chant swells up
To touch the sky,

And the song is joy,
is hope,
is peace,
is life -
And the song am I!

"The Singing Place" by Lily A. Long. Published 1912 in Poetry magazine. Public domain. Edited and adapted by Abbie Betinis.