Hail, Christmas Day! (women's chorus)


A sprightly welcome to Christmas day, this short carol was first sent as a greeting card to Abbie's friends and family, in the tradition of her great-grandfather, Rev. Bates Burt, who wrote an original carol annually beginning in 1922, eventually passing the tradition to his son, Alfred Burt. The macaronic lyrics (English and Latin), penned by Abbie's grandfather, circle into a rousing four-part canon in the final verse.


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Premiere Ensemble: 
Pike Kor, Luther College
Premiere Conductor: 
Sandra Peter

Anima Young Singers of Greater Chicago (Emily Ellsworth, conductor), Illinois
Pike Kor, Luther College (Sandra Peter, conductor), Iowa
St. Catherine's Womens Choir (Patricia Connors, conductor), Minnesota
The Singers--Minnesota Choral Artists (Matthew Culloton, conductor), Minnesota
UWSP Women's Choir (Judy Bond, conductor), Wisconsin

Text Author or Source: 
Rev. John H. Burt
English & Latin

Hail, Christmas Day that brings the story
Echoed forth from East to West
Unto us God comes in glory,
Hodie, Iesu Natus Est!

Over Bethlehem hills a-singing,
Down through centuries to our day:
Peace, good will, and love he's bringing,
Gloria Tibi, Domine.

What does this birth to us betoken?
Can he save from fear and doom?
This have saints and prophets spoken,
Christus Redemptor Omnium.

So, good people, let's be giving
Praise and offerings profuse
Unto Christ, the Lord of Living,
Adeste Fidelis, gaudeamus.

"A Carol in the tradition of the 15th century" © 1953 by John Harris Burt. Reprinted by permission of the author.