Give Me a Laundry List (and I'll Set It To Music)

SATB a cappella

The inspiration for this lighthearted romp is a boast made by prolific composer Giaocchino Rossini: "Give me a laundry list and I'll set it to music." Composer Elizabeth Alexander tips her hat to Rossini with an over-the-top laundry list, some "hold onto your hat" modulations, a few sly barbershop voicings, and a classic "Rossini crescendo"

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Commissioned By: 
Farmington High School Friends of Music. Farmington, CT
Premiere Conductor: 
Scott Campbell

Chicago A Cappella; Jonathan Miller, artistic director. Evanston, IL
South Bend Chamber Singers, Nancy Menk, conductor. South Bend, IN
Harmonium Choral Society; Ann Matlack, conductor. Madison, NJ
Octarium. Lawrence & Kansas City, KS
Hill Country Singers, Glen Beeler, conductor. Round Rock, TX
Farmington High School Choir; Scott Campbell, conductor. Farmington, CT

Text Author or Source: 
Giaocchino Rossini, additional lyrics by Elizabeth Alexander

"Give Me A Laundry List (and I'll Set It To Music)"
Boast by Giaocchino Rossini
Additional lyrics by Elizabeth Alexander

"Give me a laundry list and I'll set it to music"
-Giaocchino Rossini

A shirt, a skirt, a girdle and a turtleneck,
A frock, a smock, a bonnet and a cotton sock,
A tartan, a parka, a cardigan, a caftan, and a cap,
Knickers and trousers, sweaters and jumpers,
Diapers and boxers and bloomers,
A tuxedo, and a poncho, and some overalls (a couple of pair),
A tunic, and a uniform, and a muumuu, and some long underwear,
And don't forget pajamas.

Additional lyrics © 2001 by Elizabeth Alexander. Reprinted by permission.