Immortal Love

SATB a cappella

A contemplative setting of one of Whittier's best known poems, with a plaintive melody, compelling inner voices, and modal harmony reminiscent of early American hymns.


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Home Moravian Church Choir; Lynda Alexander, conductor. Winston-Salem, NC
Wolfgang Ziegler, conductor. Benefit Concert for Zonta International, Vienna, AUSTRIA
Sage Chapel Choir; Richard Riley, conductor. Ithaca, NY
Festival Choir of Madison & Stoughton High School Choir; Eric Townell, conductor. Stoughton, WI
House of Hope Presbyterian Church Choir; Thomas Lancaster, conductor. Saint Paul, MN


"I really appreciate the elegance of your lines, the subtle, unexpected harmonic turns and generally how you achieve freshness within a well-known language." Simon Andrews, Director of Music, First Presbyterian (Lancaster, PA)

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John Greenleaf Whittier

"Immortal Love"
Poem by John Greenleaf Whittier

Immortal love, forever full, forever flowing free.
Forever shared, forever whole, a never-ending sea.

Our outward lips confess the name all other names above,
but love alone knows whence it came and comprehendeth love.

Blow winds of love, awake and blow the mists of hate away,
Sing out, O Truth divine, and tell how wide and far we stray.

The letter fails, the systems fall, and every symbol wanes;
The Spirit overseeing all, Eternal Love, remains.