The Journey (SATB)

SATB a cappella

A powerful reflection on contemplation and individual resolve, "The Journey" blends together two voices, as poet Evelyn Dudley's Southern tenacity and hardy faith are coupled with composer Elizabeth Alexander's Appalachian roots and clear musical vision. Prominent solos are featured in all voice parts. Winner of the Athena Festival Almquist Award.


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Catalog Number: 
Commissioned By: 
Cincinnati Men's Chorus. Cincinnati, OH [Original TTBB arrangement]
Premiere Conductor: 
Bradley Almquist

Winner, Athena Festival Almquist Award


Murray State University Concert Choir; Bradley Almquist, conductor. Athena Music Festival, Murray, KY

Text Author or Source: 
Evelyn K. Dudley, adapted

"The Journey"
Text by Evelyn K. Dudley
Lyric adapted by composer Elizabeth Alexander

I'll go alone if I have to.

If you're behind me when I begin this journey, stay there, for you will only hinder me.
I'll go alone if I have to.

My footprints will vanish from this trail someday, but the seeds that I sow will remain and grow.
The fragrance from the fruit that is borne will draw those who hunger and thirst, those who seek God in Spirit and Truth.
I'll go alone if I have to.

For at the end of this journey waits a festive table filled with blessings and prayers that I prayed and had forgotten.
Have your fill of these blessings!

Oh, I am tired from the journey, and Jesus bids me rest.
And I will sit on the porch of the kingdom,
And realize the destination was no more important than the journey.

I'll go alone if I have to. On this journey, I'll go alone.

Original text copyright 1998 © by Evelyn K. Dudley
Adapted lyric © 2007 by Elizabeth Alexander