They Have Freckles Everywhere

SSAA, piano

Seven diverse musical portraits of our bodies' wonderful parts, based on children's poems but composed for real women! An aural and visual celebration of our physical nature, full of thoughtfulness, delight, and unbridled "genre hopping."


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Commissioned By: 
Women In Harmony. Portland, ME
Premiere Conductor: 
Catherine Beller-McKenna

Mirabeau B. Lamar High School Chorale Women; Gail Land, conductor. Texas Music Educators Convention, San Antonio, TX
Olive Branch High School Choir; Joelle M. Norris, conductor. ACDA Southern Division Conference, Memphis, TN
Voca Lyrica; Virginia Kerwin, conductor. Big Rapids, MI
Women In Harmony; Catherine Beller-McKenna, conductor. Portland, ME


"Alexander's writing for women's chorus is especially good, and...her settings of subjects relating to women's issues are exceptionally strong." David N. Lewis, All Music Guide

Text Author or Source: 
Elizabeth Alexander

"They Have Freckles Everywhere"
Lyrics compiled by composer Elizabeth Alexander
from poems by students in the Hall Elementary School Many Rivers Program

1. My Eyes

My eyes are like an oval and an almond,
My eyes are like stones in the road,
My eyes are like a pool of water,
Ocean pieces glint in the sun like shining sapphire spheres.
Travel into two worlds of black.
Travel down into the depths of wonder, into my eyes.
My eyes are like fish swimming in a pond,
My eyes, warm like a blanket, cold as ice.

2. My Birthmark

My birthmark is
one lonely dot
on the bottom
of my foot.

3. My Legs

You always have them right underneath you.
Right underneath you, you have your legs.

I love my legs because I can wiggle them
and bend them right when I want to.
They can leap and run,
and jump on a bed,
pick me up from the ground.

They swing
back and forth
swinging high and low.

I love to dance.

I love my legs because I can wiggle them
and bend them right when I want to.
Legs are what you use for walking,
kicking through the water,
playing on the playground.

I love my legs
for they can run and walk
and wiggle and bend
and shake and kick
and swing and leap and dance:

My legs!

4. My Brain

My brain
Is an endless maze
A canoe floating down a quiet river.

Enter into the mists of thought,
Venture in to the distance,
into belief, desire, suffering, joy, pain
into wonder, into dreams -

My brain
Is an endless maze.

5. My Mouth

My mouth.

Blurting out
A sea of

to fill the soul.
to fill the world.

My mouth!

6. My Fingers

My fingers are short.
Very short.

7. My Cheeks

They have freckles everywhere.
My cheeks are very soft,
And they have freckles everywhere.
And my cheeks puff up,
And they have freckles everywhere.

© 2007 by Elizabeth Alexander