Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song

SSA, oboe, piano (children's choir)

A rhythmically engaging song based on a Swedish proverb, "Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song" features singing syllables (vocables) from around the world, including such gems as "tra-la-la-le-ru-la," "la déri don," "ay dam tarradam," and "su-de-rut-tan-tei."


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Commissioned By: 
Farmington High School Friends of Music. Farmington, CT
Premiere Conductor: 
Scott Campbell

South Dakota Elementary Honors Choir; Ann Schrooten, conductor. Brookings, SD
Coro Giovanile; Joan Yakkey, conductor. Florence ITALY and International Children's Choir Festival, Dresden, GERMANY
Amherst Bel Canto Vivace Choir; Marjorie Bohn, conductor. Silver Creek, NY
Amadeus Chorale; Darla Bair conductor. Rochester & Brockport, NY
Angelica Cantanti; Ann L. Schrooten, conductor. Bloomington, MN
New Jersey Children's Choir; Carol Richardi, conductor. Upper Montclair, NJ
Evanston Children's Choir; Kate Ulett, conductor. Evanston, IL
Springfield Children's Chorus; Kayla Werlin, conductor. Amherst, MA


"There are tears in my eyes as I look through the four [children's choir] songs you've sent me. What beautiful work you do! I haven't even gotten to the piano yet to play through the accompaniments, but already I can see on the page that your work will be sung by several of my groups. Thank you, thank you." Betsy Hanger, Performing Arts Teacher at Windward School (Los Angeles, CA)

Text Author or Source: 
Swedish proverb

"Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song"
Text: Swedish proverb

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

Singing syllables (vocables):
su-de-rut-tan-tei (Sweden)
tyr-a-li, tyr-a-lo (Ireland)
ay dam tar-ra-dam (Russian Gypsy)
ho-la-li, ho-la-ho(Germany/Scandinavia)
fad-de-rul-lan-dei (Norway)
yang-a nang-a hey-o naa (Southwestern Native American)
la déri don la (France)
ten-nen-ni, ten-nen-nen-ni (Turkey)
tra-la-la-le-ru-la (Italy)