Tree Song

SSA, cello, piano

The cello and piano -- possibly the most graceful instruments ever crafted out of wood -- are the centerpiece for this lyrical song about the giving, receiving and interdependence. A whimsical list of trees forms a vocal counterpoint for George Ella Lyons' elegantly simple stanzas, which are passed gently from one voice part to another.


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Commissioned By: 
Twin Cities Women's Choir
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Text Author or Source: 
George Ella Lyon

Roots, trunk,
branches, leaves.
As a tree gives
so it receives:
food from
the earth,
rain and sun
from the sky.
Its roots
reach deep
and its crown
rises high.
in spring,
fruit in
summer and fall:
home for many,
shelter for all.

© 2009 by George Ella Lyon. Reprinted by permission of the poet.

List of Trees:
Peach, plum, pear, prune, pine,
Poplar, persimmon,
Alder, ebony,
Elder, abba,
Champaka, cashew,
Cottonwood, yew,
Acacia, bamboo,
Maclura, mahogany, mangrove,
Cedar, cinnamon, willow, cocobolo,
Kahikatea, Cacao, coffee, cashew,
Camilla, cherry, catalpa,
Tupelo, tulip,
Olive and chinaberry,
Chokecherry, mulberry, loblolly bay,
Aamla, sal,
Linden, laurel, lilac, larch,
Juniper, joshua, jellyfish, bo,
Bottletree, baobab, bunya-bunya.