Trust the Seeds (Chamber version)

SATB, flute, oboe, piano

A meditation on the faith demonstrated by planting seeds, whether they be the "garden variety" or the seeds of life. Appropriate for worship or concert settings in any season of the year.


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Commissioned By: 
CitySingers of Hartford, CT
Premiere Conductor: 
Suzanne Gates

Maryland Choral Society; Jason Gottshall, conductor. Fort Washington, MD
Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington; C. Paul Heins, conductor. Arlington, VA


"The poetry is exquisite. And the changing meter matches the natural flow of the text so beautifully." Jodi Rinehimer, Director of Music, MasterSingers of the Berks Classical Children's Chorus (Reading, PA)

Text Author or Source: 
Elizabeth Alexander

"Trust the Seeds"
Lyric by composer Elizabeth Alexander

Trust the seeds, although they lie in darkness,
Stirring beyond your watchful eye.
Though they may not flower as you dreamed they would,
When the planting's over you must trust the seeds.

Some soon bloom to fill your heart with wonder,
Some only after you are gone,
You must give them freedom to grow as they should.
Give them room to spread their roots, and trust the seeds.

In your heart, you know that some may wither,
All you can do is hope and pray.
Some will rise up grander than you dreamed they could.
There is joy in planting if you trust the seeds.

© 1995 by Elizabeth Alexander.