We Lift Up Our Hearts

S, SATB, piano

Richard Fewkes' prayer of thanksgiving rings simple and true, from its very first words: "For the sun and the dawn, which we did not create, we lift up our hearts in thanks." Elizabeth Alexander's lyrical setting offers the children's choir a gracious stand-alone melody, with a well-crafted descant for the adults. Appropriate for intergenerational or combined choirs, in any interfaith setting, at any time of year.


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Camerata Singers; Floyd Farmer, conductor. Muskegon, MI
Potomac School Chorus, Jerry Rich, conductor. Arlington, VA

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Richard Fewkes

"We Lift Up Our Hearts"
Poem by Richard Fewkes
Lyric adapted by composer Elizabeth Alexander

For the sun and the dawn which we did not create;
For the moon and the evening which we did not make;
For food which we plant but cannot grow;
For friends and loved ones we have not earned and cannot buy;
For this gathered company which welcomes us as we are,
from wherever we have come;
For all our free churches that keep us human
and encourage us in our quest for beauty, truth, and love;
For all things which come to us as gifts of being from sources beyond ourselves;
Gifts of life and love and friendship
We lift up our hearts in thanks this day.

© by Richard M. Fewkes. Reprinted by permission.