Where There Is Light In the Soul (SATB)

SATB a cappella

In this delightful setting of a timeless Chinese proverb, the five interdependent ideals of Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace are woven together into a rich, a cappella affirmation.


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SATB Arrangement Commissioned by Kantorei, The Singing Boys of Rockfor, Illinois
Premiere Conductor: 
Joel Ross

Honorable Mention, Vincent Brown Silliman Anthem Competition [SAB Arrangement]


Harmonium Classical Choral Society; Ann Matlack, conductor. PORTUGAL & SPAIN
Mechanicsburg Ecumenical Choir, 150 voices from 35 area churches, Benefit for New Hope Ministries, Mechanicsburg, PA
Dewalt Family Singers, Al. Camrose Music Festival, Camrose, Alberta, CANADA
North Shore Choral Society; Julia Davids, conductor. Skokie, IL
University of Central Arkansas Concert Choir & Chamber Singers John Erwin, conductor. Conway, AK
Unity Choir; Ruth Palmer, conductor. Saint Paul, MN
Kantorei, The Singing Boys of Rockford; Joel Ross, conductor. Freeport, IL


"I'm very glad to have found your music, and appreciate both the quality of the texts and music, as well as their accessibility." Darryl Dewalt, Music Director, Camrose United Church (Alberta, CANADA)

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Chinese proverb

"Where There Is Light in the Soul"
Text: Chinese proverb

Where there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person.
Where there is beauty in the person there will be harmony in the home.
Where there is harmony in the home there will be honor in the nation.
Where there is honor in the nation there will be peace in the world.