Eli, Eli

SATB, soprano solo, cello (also available SSAA: VMP016)

Penned in 1943, Hannah Szenes's moving poem "A Walk to Caesarea," is a beautiful and timeless prayer. This setting was composed with the author in mind; a brave, determined fiercely intelligent and independent young woman. Szenes, having left Budapest for Palestine in 1939, joined a rescue mission in 1943 as a British trained paratrooper in order to rescue Hungarian Jews from being deported to the death camps by the Germans. She was captured, tortured and executed by firing squad late in 1944. (audio is solo vocal version)

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Hannah Szenes (Senesh)
Hebrew and English

"A Walk to Caesarea"

אלי, אלי, שלא יגמר לעולם
החול והים
רשרוש של המים
ברק השמים
תפילת האדם

Eli, Eli, shelo yigamer le'olam
Ha'chol veha'yam
Rishrush shel ha'mayim
Barak hashamayim
T'filat ha-adam

Ha'chol veha'yam
Rishrush shel ha'mayim
Barak hashamayim
T'filat ha-adam


My God, My God, I pray that these things never end:
The sand and the sea,
The rush of the waters,
Lightening of the Heavens (the crash of the heavens)
The prayer of Man (the prayer of theheart)