Anne Frank: A Living Voice


I. It is the Silence
II. My Nerves
III. Hanneli
IV. Sunshine and Cloudless Sky
V. My Work
VI. Peter
VII. Ideals and Hopes

Treble Choir, String Quartet

An emotional tour de force, this multi-movement work is based on selected excerpts from The Diary of Anne Frank. Spanning more than two years of hiding in the annex, the texts and music portray a psychological progression from fear and despair to strength and hope. This moving work for women's choir includes lyrical vocal lines, lush harmonies, and strong string quartet writing (or piano reduction). The seven movements are designed to be performed as a whole, but are also suitable for performance in various combinations.

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Catalog Number: 
Commissioned By: 
The San Francisco Girls Chorus
Premiere Ensemble: 
The San Francisco Girls Chorus
Premiere Conductor: 
Susan McMane

San Francisco Girls Chorus, San Francisco, CA 2005
Orange County Women's Chorus, Los Angeles, CA 2008
Partners in Praise Girls Choir, MN, American Choral Directors Association Convention, Northfield, MN 2008
Vox Musica, Sacramento, CA 2009
Ursuline Treble Choir, Cincinnati, OH 2010
Vox Femina Los Angeles, Los Angeles CA 2010


"Linda Tutas Haugen has set the text with gentle, moving, lush harmonies, overlaid with a breath of uplifting hope, in a message of promise that honors Anne Frank's endurance, and her inspiring innocence of vision" - Susan McMane, Artistic Director of the San Francisco Girls Chorus

Text Author or Source: 
The Diary of Anne Frank