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Our Mission Statement

Independent composer-publishers joined in democratic cooperation to support and promote each other in artistic and business endeavors while working to enhance the accountability, visibility, transparency and advocacy of our profession.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting and your support of each the eight composers in the Independent Music Publishers Cooperative!

For the past seven years, we have operated as a legal cooperative to exhibit at various conferences including ACDA, Chorus America, NCCO, and NATS. We pooled our resources to have a larger national and regional presence, and to support ourselves individually by supporting each other collectively.  We developed a joint website to share our customer base and to publicly endorse the quality of one another’s work. We benefited personally and professionally from our association, and held and hold each other in the highest regard, as we have together supported and promoted artistic excellence in new music.

After these seven successful years, we have decided to make some changes to our association model to allow for new directions and possibilities.  We found that the legal cooperative model had become restrictive and burdensome, and we decided to re-imagine ourselves as a collaborative association instead.  By removing the legal requirements, we will be able to focus more on joint projects with greater freedom and energy.  We also decided that the maintenance and expense of keeping our joint website operational and updated had become unnecessary when a direct link to each of our individual websites was sufficient and simpler.

As of the end of December 2018, we are no longer the Independent Music Publishers Cooperative but rather a free association of collaborating composers/publishers!  We are excited about this change and look forward to seeing many of you at conferences and hearing from you personally, through email and purchases of our music



Elizabeth Alexander, Abbie Betinis, Jocelyn Hagen, Linda Tutas Haugen, Edie Hill, J. David Moore, Joan Szymko, and Tim Takach (the composers of